Studio Immersive for Youth Professionals in partnership with the Jewish Studio Project

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January 28–29, 2020
March 24–25, 2020
April 27–28, 2020

The Studio Immersive for Youth Professionals  is a one-of-a-kind Jewish intensive designed to help Bay Area youth professionals step into their power as educators by accessing and activating their inherent creativity. In this three-part (six days in total) Immersive you will:

  • Discover the power of your own creativity and learn aspects of Jewish Studio Project’s creative methodology to enhance the creativity of your teen programming.

  • Reconnect to your purpose and passion as an educator through restorative and reflective practices focused on self-growth and gain tools to help your students do the same.

  • Learn an accessible, multi-modal approach to Jewish text learning that invites in intellect, intuition and imagination and allows learners to bring their full selves to the text, regardless of level or experience.

  • Play with the concept of "Identity building" and how creativity supports the process of becoming.

Each day of the Immersive will include the following elements:

  • Morning spiritual grounding: intention setting and group formation through singing, reflective writing, and creative exercises;

  • Learning: interactive text study of traditional and contemporary sources;

  • Creative Process: facilitated art making experience to process and integrate the themes, questions and insights that arise from learning.

  • Woven into the arc of the Immersive is scaffolded pedagogy and frameworks related to learning and creativity that will serve to build empathy and resilience.

All interested participants should apply to the Studio Immersive for Youth Professionals with JSP using this application by Friday, November 1. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by mid-November. This Immersive requires FULL participation in the six-day program; please include a short note of support from your supervisor stating that you will prioritize these days as professional development.

All portions of the Studio Immersive will take place in Berkeley at the Jewish Studio Project space. In order to encourage participants from all over the Bay Area, we will offer an overnight option on Tuesday nights in the East Bay. Please let us know in your application if you would like us to help find you local housing to lessen your commute.

All participants in the Studio Immersive for Youth Professionals with JSP will be eligible to apply for a $500-$1,000 micro-grant from the Jewish Community Federation to help apply the learning to your teen community. Details on the micro-grant will follow.

Subsidized cost for the Immersive:

$300 for 6 sessions