BASIS provides a consultant to work with schools choosing to employ the Israel Education strategies of school twinning or Israel travel, or both.

Many schools opt for these strategies, believing that twinning and travel best help students gain an understanding of and connection to Israel and Israelis. However, these strategies are very resource intensive, including the amount of time and effort required to curricularize and execute twinning and travel experiences.

As twinning of Israeli schools and American schools (both students and faculty) is predicated on Jewish Peoplehood, the consultant must be well versed in this underpinning framework, in order to support schools as they translate the concept of Jewish Peoplehood into curriculum, and provide faculty with the professional development necessary fo carry out the curricular plans.

In this regard, the specialist’s work includes, but is not limited to: helping the schools to identify potential “twin” Israeli counterparts, and to build connections with them; introducing schools to best practices in Israel travel and twinning; assisting in compiling and leading teacher delegations (both of U.S. teachers to Israel and vice versa); doing the same for student travel experiences; and coordinating with other BASIS consultants, especially the Curriculum Specialist, to ensure that the twinning and travel efforts go hand-in-hand with curriculum development.

Prior professional experience in Israel educational involving travel and/or twinning is required for this consultant position. It is also essential for the Twinning & Travel Specialist to be well connected to colleagues, schools and organizations in Israel who can serve as partners in implementing the twinning strategy. Similarly, this specialist must have Israeli partners to turn to for support and cooperation in planning travel for delegations of American students and teachers to Israel and Israeli delegations to the U.S.  To facilitate communication with all parties involved, the specialist must be a speaker of both English and Hebrew.

As twinning and travel are strategies that involve both formal and informal education approaches, it is important for the specialist to have expertise in both. Also, these strategies deal with both students and teachers as learners, so the specialist must be someone who is an effective educator of all age groups.


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